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↑ this guy right here is Arijit Basu (sayan),

He's kinda busy conquering the world of computer science.


Other than computer science & tech stuffs, he likes outdoor sports, specifically soccer, and adventurous sports such as trekking. Recently he started learning tennis as an alternative to soccer. Fitness is important to him, both physical and mental.


He started his career as an Associate System Engineer at Tech Mahindra in Feb 2016, and eventually converted to a Junior Software Engineer. After 3 years of working alongside the infrastructure operations team contributing to automation based projects, he joined Niteo in March 2019 as a trialist Python developer and became permanent in June 2019.


As for academics, he doesn't have anything to brag about. After three year diploma in electrical engineering , he wandered into the field of computer programming on his own and graduated from the need of graduation certificates. He's still pursuing his own learning path via online courses such as MIT OpenCourseWare.

Here's a list of few places where you can find him these days:

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