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This is Arijit Basu.

I want to learn, achieve and contribute as much as I can.

I write software as a professional, and often, as a hobbyist.

If you are a *nix loving terminal user, with an appetite for opensource, checkout xplr, my most successful opensource project.

Find other opensource projects published by me at my GitHub profile.

I also like fitness, outdoor sports, trekking, camping and adventure activities.

Currently, I'm trying to implement a startup idea into an app in the Travel and Events industry. I don't know much about the industry yet, but feel free to contact me if you plan to travel North-East India or do treks in Maharashtra. You can follow me on Instagram.

I don't do blogging (yet), but feel free to reach out.


Email: [email protected]

Matrix: matrix.to/@sayanarijit:matrix.org

Telegram: t.me/sayanarijit

Keybase: keybase.io/sayanarijit