Side projects

With every interesting thing I learn about tech/programming/software-engineering, I can’t wait to implement them. That’s how the below list was born.

Active projects & experiments

  • htmldoom (python): Write safer and cleaner HTML using Python

  • pyramid_htmldoom (python): htmldoom rendering library plugin for Pyramid

  • Flask-Htmldoom (python): htmldoom integration for Flask

  • typecov (python): Expand system variables Unix style

  • expandvars (python): Expand system variables Unix style

  • RESTEasy (python): REST API calls made easier

  • gopassgen (go): Policy based password generator library for Golang

  • gopgweb (go, html, jquery): Policy based password generator web app

  • gopgcli (go): Policy based password generator CLI

  • python-zenoss-client (python): Zenoss API client for python

  • TermNote (python-prompt-toolkit): A simple, yet powerful and handy terminal based note taking python app

  • pidlock (python): Simple PID based locking for cronjobs, UNIX scripts or python programs

  • (bash): Probably the simplest and lightest note taking tool on your terminal

Abandoned projects & experiments

  • Docify (python): Simple, flexible python document generator

  • RESTEasyCLI (python, cliff, marshmallow): Handy REST API client on your terminal

  • listed (python, flask, react): List and display files in the web

  • activity (python, php, jquery, mysql): Both this script and the bash version once served us very well in my first company

  • (bash, php, javascript): Both this script and the python version once served us very well in my first company

  • aws-admin (bash): I used this mechanism to smoothen the process of managing AWS keys and loggign into aws servers in my first company

Some memories

  • skillmate (python, flask, jquery, mysql): Our solution for Tech Mahindra MI18 hackathon that won the Best Solution Award

  • thanks (python, bash): My first python script to replicate another bash script I developed to wish farewell to one awesome Linux trainer Girish Sir of the Penguine Land

My todo list

Since I spend a huge part of my time on GitHub, I manage my todo list as GitHub issues on this website’s repository.

I use ZenHub to set priorities to the todo items, plan and execute them like a sprint which won’t be visible to you.

I explained how it works in the wiki of the same repository.

I will write a separate post/review about how it goes after using it for few more months.